Hi, I'm Susan, data scientist and writer. I write about career development, data science/ML, productivity, and more.

For ML jobs content, I write on susanshu.substack.com and my book, Machine Learning Interviews published by O'Reilly.

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The importance of taking breaks in the pomodoro technique

I’ve been a longtime user of the pomodoro technique, where one focuses on a task for 25 minutes, and then takes a break for 5 minutes.

I’ve been tempted to cut these break times short, or remove them entirely, but the result was a huge dent in my productivity.

In this post I’ll walk through several experiments I’ve done to optimize my focus time to break time ratio, by changing their lengths and frequency, and how they impacted my overall productivity.

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Applying Machine Learning - favorite lessons I've learned (Interview)

I share what I've learned in the applied ML field, especially in production, and enabling data science/machine learning to integrate with real products.

Capsule routines and transitory spaces

Maintaining a routine without missing a day, even while travelling.

PyDev of the Week - My journey as a Python developer (Interview)

I share my journey as a Python developer on the interview series, PyDev of the Week.

Rewriting my LinkedIn bio - what I improved, and how it's evolved

I dug up 3 versions of my LinkedIn bio over 2+ years. Here's a little behind the scenes of how I improved my copywriting.

On managing uncertainty, and circular thoughts

Two tools to deal with uncertainty - filtering for future facing worries, and fear setting.

Career Spotlight with high performers (Interview)

Writing effectively, how designing video games can be fulfilling, and the importance of experimentation.

From entry level to senior+ developer - Multiply impact with developer leverage

On the path to a senior level developer, it is important to understand how to make exponential impact with the same amount of time. Here's what I've learned.

Why my top productivity multiplier is sleep

I've written about many time management techniques that I used to achieve a lot in my career. It turns out that the most effective thing, is protecting sleep time. Here's why.

How to harness the Creation - Consumption energy loop

Many of my project ideas come from watching, reading, and playing the content that other people created. Here's how I harness the inspiration and use it to bring my own ideas to reality.