Hi, I'm Susan, data scientist and writer. I write about career development, data science/ML, productivity, and more.

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Rewriting my LinkedIn bio - what I improved, and how it's evolved

I hadn’t updated my Linkedin summary/description in almost a year, and when I thought to read it again, it seemed to need a re-write. (We’re also our own worst critics.) I took some time to redo it, and thought I’d share what I changed, and why. Perhaps it can help you when you’re re-writing your own!

Just for fun, I also dug up an older, pre-August 2020 version, which I may have written in 2019. I laughed a little reading it, and hopefully it’s an entertaining behind the scenes for you.

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On managing uncertainty, and circular thoughts

Two tools to deal with uncertainty - filtering for future facing worries, and fear setting.

Career Spotlight with high performers (Interview)

Writing effectively, how designing video games can be fulfilling, and the importance of experimentation.

From entry level to senior+ developer - Multiply impact with developer leverage

On the path to a senior level developer, it is important to understand how to make exponential impact with the same amount of time. Here's what I've learned.

Why my top productivity multiplier is sleep

I've written about many time management techniques that I used to achieve a lot in my career. It turns out that the most effective thing, is protecting sleep time. Here's why.

How to harness the Creation - Consumption energy loop

Many of my project ideas come from watching, reading, and playing the content that other people created. Here's how I harness the inspiration and use it to bring my own ideas to reality.

Why choose a career in tech? Earlier origins (Conference panel)

Q&A about how I got into tech with a non-linear, non-traditional path, from a career panel aimed at a middle school audience.

Advice for self-learning game development

Three tips that I wish that I had known when I started self-learning game development.

Why I reduced calendar block times, and increased unstructured time

I write a lot about productivity, so when I started to complete things ahead of schedule, it freed up some time. Here's why I didn't allocate the newfound time back to something 'productive'.

How writing regularly has helped me

Writing has boosted my data science career and game development hobby. It allows me to gain more visibility with stakeholders, help readers, and share my ideas with the world.