Hi, I'm Susan, data scientist and writer. I write about career development, data science/ML, productivity, and more.

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Quick guide to customize your resume for different machine learning roles

As a job seeker in the machine learning and data science field, the job search process is often confusing from the very start.

Data Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer, Data Analyst, Data Engineer, which one should you apply to?

I had been lost and confused about which roles to apply to during my job search as well. But now, after being in hundreds of machine learning interviews on both sides, I’ve found an effective approach to identify the right machine learning roles most suited for each job seeker to apply to, as well as how to tailor your resume to maximize your chances of getting interviews and offers.

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How I triage Slack messages

How to organize Slack messages so that most important ones are seen at a glance, and that joining many channels doesn't become overwhelming.

The Data Scientist Show - Reinforcement Learning, Productivity, and more (Podcast)

Chatted about career and life with host Daliana Liu

5 lessons I learned from writing online, for over a year

5 lessons from writing online in public for over a year.

What I Learned from Writing Online - For Fellow Non-Writers (Guest post by Eugene Yan)

Write before you're ready, write for yourself, quantity over quality, and a few other lessons. (Guest post by Eugene Yan)

A new season of learning

Work in progress of new endeavors, direction, and life.

The importance of taking breaks in the pomodoro technique

In this post I walk through experiments to optimize my break time to focus time ratio, by changing their lengths and frequency, and how they impacted my overall productivity.

Applying Machine Learning - favorite lessons I've learned (Interview)

I share what I've learned in the applied ML field, especially in production, and enabling data science/machine learning to integrate with real products.

Capsule routines and transitory spaces

Maintaining a routine without missing a day, even while travelling.

PyDev of the Week - My journey as a Python developer (Interview)

I share my journey as a Python developer on the interview series, PyDev of the Week.