Speaking appearances


PyCon APAC 2021

PyCon Taiwan 2021

Red Hat DevNation day (link)

Past (select)

PyCon US 2021 (link)

Canadian Undergraduate Technology Conference (CUTC) (link)

Womxn in Data Science (link)

Toronto Machine Learning Summit in Finance (link)

PyCon India (video), PyCon Canada (link)

PyLadies SWFL (video), PyLadies Toronto (link), PyLadies Chennai (video)

All Things Data podcast (link)

Madhav Thaker Data Science Career Q&A (video)

Data Science Conference Europe (link) (video)

Visual;Conference 2021 (video), 2020 (video), 2019 (video)

[Technical talk] Reinforcement Learning x Recommender System used by Google/YouTube (video)

Toronto Machine Learning Summit in Telecom (link)

Aggregate Intellect talks (select)

Reinforcement learning fireside chat (link)

Multi Type Mean Field Reinforcement Learning (video)

Generative Teaching Networks: Accelerating Neural Architecture Search by Learning to Generate Synthetic Training Data (video)

Learning to Play Soccer by Reinforcement and Applying Sim-to-Real to Compete in the Real World (video)

Reinforcement Learning in Economics and Finance (video)

[AlphaGo Zero] Mastering the game of Go without human knowledge (video)

Guest lectures

University of Toronto, School of Continuing Studies SCS2942 (link) (video, talk only)

Brainstation, How to choose a data science project (video)