A new season of learning

I’ve been writing how-to blog posts about career, time management, and more, for some years now. A lot of what I’ve written about was learned over a stretch of time, such as the months to experiment with pomodoro timing, the years to figure out a career path, and so on.

A lot of what I’ve shared in the past, were shared after I had consolidated the lessons learned into (generally) repeatable patterns, even testing them again in practice. What I’ve discovered is that I’m now entering a new “season of learning”, where I am learning more than what I can “confirm” to be repeatable just yet.

Hence, some of my upcoming posts will be more “in-progress”, as I make my way through. I’m going to play it by ear and figure out a cadence to do so. See - Learn in public.

Here are some of the general topics that I have been mulling on:

It’s also been slow going to figure out the increasingly versatile and open-ended question of “where do I want my life to go from here”?

To illustrate this - on the internet there are much more “guides on planning for” the relatively common things, like a first job out of school, or even for financial planning and purchasing a house. But the more uncommon the path, the less has been shared about them that is repeatable.

There are indeed plenty of examples of musings and thoughts written by folks further on in their lives and careers - but the further down the road, the more “branched out” or unique they are.

So I am likewise trying to find my way, making lines amongst scattered dots, creating a map of my own where there is no map. The references I have are maps of other cities, which are people with similar values and life goals, but their own very distinct path.

Here is how I am encouraging myself on this journey:

I will still be sharing some of my learning endeavors every few weeks or so, to allow for more time to pass as I try out different approaches and experiments.

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