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I like to analyze what I do. I track my time and make spreadsheets. With these approaches I do much more with less time in my data science career, video game studio, and more.

I write about I learned, to help others accomplish what they feel they have too little time to do.

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Last updated: Mar, 2021


I’m a principal data scientist in fintech, where I build machine learning models and infrastructure at scale.

In my previous role, I developed the company’s very first ML powered website recommender system, deployed to millions of customers, and created a custom OpenAI Gym environment for a reinforcement learning (RL) project in production.
Susan Shu Chang speaker bio

I’m a Reinforcement Learning stream lead of Aggregate Intellect, where we get together weekly to discuss state-of-the-art machine learning research. Post-pandemic, we transitioned online, with ~14k YouTube subscribers. (YouTube channel) (Website)

I have spoken at PyCon Canada, India, US (upcoming), Toronto Machine Learning Summit (TMLS), and more.

I’m also the founder of Quill Game Studios, selling ~10k copies of our debut game in 6 months. I was the sole developer, writer, and PM. The game has been mentioned on PC Gamer, Destructoid, and other major gaming news sites.

In a bit of a cross-over between these two fields, you can find me yearly at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco (Thanks, DMG!), and am part of the AI Roundtable: Expert session.

Formal education wise, I hold a master’s degree from University of Toronto, and bachelor’s from University of Waterloo.

Disclaimer: This blog represents my personal experience and opinions only, and does not in any way, shape, or form represent any employers, past or present.