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Creation vs. consumption: How and why I see creation as the ultimate form of entertainment

Oftentimes, in our day to day language, “work” is something to be avoided. “TGIF” and living for the weekend make it seem like 5/7 of one’s life is lived in utter suffering. I welcome the weekend, but a large portion of my weekends is commonly considered as “work” too - developing video games as a hobby, and writing for this blog, among other leisure activities.

However, contrary to the common usage of the word “leisure”, game development and writing are leisure to me. It seems like hustle, but I do it with the same motivation as watching a movie, which is to reset and relax.

So sometimes I wonder if I’m just wired differently, and why designing a video game world or coding a scene can actually bring me as much joy, if not much more, than binging a TV show. Having given this question much thought, which is how many of my blog posts and thought exercises come from, I think I’ve identified some patterns, and how it can be reproducible.

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How I trained myself to deep work on demand - Managing energy and mental focus, step by step

I do a lot of deep work each day. How am I not already tired out from full-time work alone? In this article I talk about energy management techniques, and how one can reproducibly expand their mental gas tank and increase their focus.

How I made a video game and sold 5k+ copies: Introduction to visual novel game engine, Ren'Py

How I started developing video games as a complete beginner. Luckily, with the free game engine Ren'Py I was even able to make a profit as an independent game developer with no budget.

Practical thoughts on career door-opening - even without knowing one's 'passion in life'

It's ok to not know one's passion, or what "I'm doing with my life". What is important to do, is to open doors for the future you that does have it figured out.

Why create? Assorted thoughts on software development

It is incredible to build something out of nothing, and software is a unique way to do so. Let's examine types of impact software has on the world and its meaning to us as creators.

How I optimize my day with routines and tools: Lessons from balancing multiple projects

How do I juggle many commitments in addition to full time work? For years I've refined my routines and found efficient tools in order to manage my time, and here I share it with readers.

How to accomplish more with less - Useful tools & routines (Guest post by Eugene Yan)

Eugene Yan, data scientist and blogger, shares his daily routine and tools that help him get things done effectively.

Why actions alone don't produce great results: What I learned from writer's block in game development

When I encountered a severe block in my game development process, I looked for inspiration as to what makes great games succeed. It turns out it's simple - just be consistent.

How to gain expert intuition from self learning and why it impacts employability

When self-learning it is easy to keep going in circles without accomplishing the goal of mastery or improving employability. This articles explains why it is crucial to gain expert intuition, and how.

Any career is possible: What I learned from multiple industries unrelated to my formal education

Has entering a new field or transitioning to another career ever seemed impossible? Let's talk about how it is doable and make a practical mindset shift. You are not locked down in any career, regardless of your existing experience or formal education.