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Goalsetting patterns - sprints vs. marathons

Looking back at past content of this blog, I’ve analyzed plenty of my productivity and time management techniques. These skills have helped me complete countless goals in extremely short periods of time. For example, I’ve detailed how I passed the CFA level 1 exam in 6 weeks, something that, based on general consensus, requires an average of 300 hours (~9 weeks if one studies 5 hours every single day).

There have been many other posts in the same vein, where I do a lot in very limited time, such as wrapping up my master’s degree studies at the University of Toronto while working full time.

Said posts contrast with the slower approach that I take with several of my current projects, for example, the act of writing posts for this very blog. All I do, is set aside a block time to author one post a week. This is much less of an intense, condensed “sprint”, compared to some of those productivity techniques I have written about in the past.

The types of productivity methods I used to help me carry out these goals were wildly different. The intense goals are more like sprints, and the relatively leisurely, long term goals are like marathons.

The productivity methods that work for one type, might not work for the other. Hence, in this post, I will examine the patterns of those two types of goals, so to apply a suitable mindset toward them respectively.

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