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How writing regularly has helped me

Around 8 months ago, in August 2020, I started publishing weekly blog posts. In these 8 months, I’ve written 36 posts, only missing twice.

Writing has unsurprisingly helped me in several ways: career development, connecting with others, and “creation as entertainment”. In this article, I will analyze these benefits, and for those interested in writing, be it in the form of blog posts, work documentation, or hobbyist fiction, you might find pros and cons for your own situation to spend more time on writing.

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Build a career in data science (Conference talk)

The story of how I went from not knowing about the field of data science while studying economics, to founding a video game studio, to data science, and the approaches that worked for me.

Why I chose data science over game dev for my first full-time role

Retrospective on how I chose data science over game development for my first role.

My impostor syndrome stories, and lessons I learned

Here are 2 personal stories of impostor syndrome and how I learned to manage it. Many high achieving individuals still experience massive amounts of impostor syndrome.

How to Live with Chronic Impostor Syndrome (Guest post by Eugene Yan)

Even high achieving individuals experience massive amounts of impostor syndrome. This post is about practical ways to manage it.

Scary decisions and how to handle them

Identifying "no by default" reactions to scary decisions, and practical thoughts on making scary, big decisions.

How I brainstorm and write a blog post a week - 3 steps to fuel and create

My 3-step process to write weekly blog posts, and never run out of ideas. I git-back my writing.

How to develop T-shaped skills - Do it yourself mindset

Yet another take on why learning and doing random things out of curiosity has helped me in my career and hobbies.

Assorted Q&A: avoid distractions during pomodoro, my favorite failure, and more

I've collected some questions from coffee chats or messages. Commonly asked were details on my pomodoro practice and how to avoid distractions, along with career questions. Here are the answers.

Push beyond dabbling, and build true pursuits - 3 steps that I've learned

When it comes to my hobbies, I tend to go all in. Here are the 3 steps I take when exploring a new hobby, which could lead to diving deep into that pursuit.