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From entry level to senior+ developer - Multiply impact with developer leverage

A major theme of this blog, is “how to do more with less”. For example, using time management techniques to excel at multiple pursuits at once while also increasing leisure time.

I came across the term “Leverage”, defined as “a developer’s impact produced over time invested”, in Edmond Lau’s book, “The Effective Engineer”.

\[\text{Leverage} = \frac{ \text{Impact Produced} }{ \text{Time Invested} }\]

Similar concepts are mentioned in career development books as a way to “scale oneself” exponentially, not just linearly, which becomes important once one is past entry-level roles. This is, in the career sense, how to “do much, much more with the same amount of time”.

I’ve had to learn and un-learn some patterns over different projects as my role grew in responsibility and technical leadership, and here I’d like to share the lessons I’m learning (in progress) about building leverage as a developer.

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