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How to harness the Creation - Consumption energy loop

On the topic of Creation vs. Consumption, I am of the opinion that the act of “creation”, such as writing, programming, and so on, can be just as entertaining as passively consuming media that other people created.

However, prior to Creating, inspiration often comes from Consuming content.

For example, after playing a video game whose story resonates with me, such as Transistor by Supergiant Games, I might be motivated to create a world of my own, that others can experience. Or you might be motivated to write a blog about your career experience, after reading a blog post that was highly influential on your career.

Despite the frequent motivation we get from Consuming content and media, it can be hard to break out of the Consumption cycle, and act, which is in other words, to Create. More often than not, the next passive Consumption binge comes along, and causes us to forget our ideas and motivation.

In this article, I’ll discuss my approach to break out of the Consumption loop, and how I harness the inspiration from Consumption, and turn what used to be a fleeting motivation into a consistent energy that fuels Creation.

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